Gelukslapjes en Talisvrouwen

€ 29,00

Deze gelukslapjes zijn onderdeel van kunstproject Starway to Heaven. In de video van WaterGoddess (rechtsonder bij video’s) heb ik al mijn godinnen omarmd om vervolgens in mijzelf de godin te laten stralen.

My taliswomen are all small, unique pieces. They are lucky patches for the car or above the door. To protect against evil influences or adversity.
My taliswoman are a reminder to connect with your Self, to stand in your own power.
Then you can transcend fear, stress and attract positive energy.

Each Lucky Patch is unique and has her own message en her own decorations
Material: Photo print on cotton
Size: 20 x 30 cm
Price: € 29, - 

Bodypaint by Laetitia de Veth


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